Students and graduates

One of the key factors to success of any mining company is a skilled, consolidated and motivated team.

For GV Gold, its employees are the main and the most valuable asset, possessing unique knowledge and experience.

In our Company, we strive to create such team, offering comfortable working and amenity conditions, stable remuneration and on-going training in the organization, ensuring the participation of our personnel in large-scale and daring tasks.

When employees work as a well-coordinated and consolidated team, they have one common cause, they think together, they do everything together, every member knows what he is responsible for and helps others. Everyone should be in the team - there are no strangers. There should be no individual interests, there is a common task that must be achieved. Thus, each employee in his place is part of a well-oiled mechanism that allows the Company to grow and develop, achieve targets and new ambitious goals.

We will be glad to welcome new people to our team!