Health and Safety

The EHS policy of the Company serves as the basis for strategic planning and management of GV Gold’s current activity, the setting and achievement of its objectives, efficient monitoring and supervision, and on-going improvement of the business. For this purpose the EHS department has been established within the Corporate Center and the relevant services have been established at the mines.

GV Gold provides safe labour conditions for its employees. For this purpose, the Company takes complex measures in the following areas:

  • Improvement of working conditions;
  • • construction, reconstruction and repairing of the amenity facilities and premises

    • establishment of heating and catering premises;

    • installation, reconstruction and repairing of lighting, ventilation systems, etc.;

    • mechanization of labor-intensive processes, etc.

  • Distribution of modern certified PPEs which reduce the level of work-related diseases and injuries. The overalls, safety footwear and PPEs distribution rates have been established and introduced.
  • Reduction of a number of work-related injuries, in particular, disengagement of workers from the hazardous production areas and introduction of the technical means intended for prevention of the injuries.
  • In accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 426-FZ dated December 28, 2013, special assessment of the working conditions (hereinafter referred to as "SAWC") was carried out.