Company Values

Corporate values represent a basic element of the Company’s culture, establishing the rules and norms of behavior, the principles of work execution and interaction with colleagues and partners. It means that the performance of the entire company depends on its values.

  1. Safety

    We behave safely and establish safe conditions for people, property and information.

    • Each of us knows and strictly follows the health and safety rules.
    • We assess risks and think before acting.
    • We keep the equipment in good repair and provide a compliance of the working environment with safety requirements.
    • We take remedial actions as soon as we indicate a potential non-compliance.
    • We take care of the safety of our commodity, Company resources, information and environment.

    Our Company creates the best conditions for safe work by training people, improving processes, providing well-functioning equipment and PPEs.

  2. Expertise

    We are a team of professionals, who know how to do their job properly and efficiently, permanently developing and contributing to the development of our colleagues and partners.

    • We appreciate the knowledge, strive to get it and willingly share it.
    • We make decisions promptly, taking into account various aspects.
    • We efficiently use time and the Company resources.
    • We operate properly, following the technology and best practices.
    • Each of us sets an example of compliance with the Company values.

    Our Company chooses the best specialists and creates the conditions for their training, development and exchange of expertise.

  3. Honesty and Transparency

    We provide timely disclosure of authentic information, set clear objectives and are ready for open dialogue.

    • We express our opinion openly.
    • We are ready to consider different opinions.
    • We are ready for discussion and joint solutions.
    • We promptly provide authentic information on the relevant issues to those, who are interested in it.
    • We admit our mistakes and are ready to correct them.

    Our Company conducts fair business and ensures the transparency of its activity to the shareholders, the state, employees and society.

  4. Responsibility and Discipline

    We always respect agreements and take initiative.

    • We always fulfill our undertakings and keep our word.
    • We comply with the requirements, deadlines and rules of conduct.
    • We acknowledge the consequences of our decisions and actions.
    • Each of us is responsible for himself/herself, the team, equipment and resources.

    We take initiative, offering the solutions of our own.

    Our Company adheres to its obligations to the contractors, employees and the state, establishing clear and comprehensible rules for the employees.