GV Gold (Vysochaishy, PJSC) acknowledges that development of its business inevitably leads to the growth of its negative impact on the environment, thereby, the environment protection issues are already reviewed on the pre-designing and designing stages.

In the Company environmental policy the following trends are regarded as the top-priority ones:

  • compliance with the international environmental requirements and the Russian legislation requirements in the field of environment protection and rational utilization of natural resources;
  • reduction of tonnage of generated wastes through the wastes utilization and resources conservation measures;
  • reduction of the water resources consumption through establishment of the recycling water supply system at all enterprises of the Company;
  • rational utilization of land resources;
  • minimization of the ambient air pollution.

In its activity, the Company is governed by and follows the requirements of:

  • Federal Laws «On the Ambient Air Protection», «On the Environment Protection» with regard to the inventory, rationing and monitoring of air emissions;
  • Federal Laws «On the Environment Protection» Water Code of the Russian Federation with regard to the water management and water bodies protection;
  • Federal Laws «On the Production and Consumption Wastes» with regard to the waste management activity.

The Company has implemented a series of actions for reducing the negative impact on the environment by applying various technological and technical solutions and investing considerable financial resources in environmental protection activities. The environment protection management system operates in all subdivisions of the Company today, and environmental specialists work at all production facilities.