Procurement Policy

The interaction of GV Gold with its counterparties is aimed at the development of long-term, mutually-beneficial relations. Counterparties of the Company supplying goods, performing work and providing services are chosen in a centralized way on a tender basis.

The applied approach to interaction with counterparties allows the Company to::

  • provide the maximum economic efficiency and transparency of procurement;
  • achieve the optimum competitiveness among the potential tender participants;
  • provide a justified and impartial process for the determination of the tender winner.

The basic criterion used for the counterparty selection is an optimal combination of price, quality, delivery or execution time, reliability of the counterparty, availability of the relevant technical and labour resources, availability of references, and knowledge of mining industry specifics.

One of the key partner selection criteria is the compliance of the counterparty with the EHS rules adopted by the Company.

The procurement is carried out using the B2B Center web platform.the web site.