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Key Principles to Corporate Governance

Maintaining high corporate governance standards is one of the key objectives of the GV Gold Group. In its activity, the Company strives to follow the principles established within the Corporate Governance Code published in 2014 and recommended for introduction by the Bank of Russia.

The Company builds its relationships with the shareholders and investors on the basis of the key principle of a reasonable balance between the interests of the company as an economic entity and its interests as a joint stock company to protect the legitimate interests of its shareholders.

The Company is guided by the following principles of the Corporate Governance Code approved by the Bank of Russia:

  • equal and fair treatment for all its shareholders in the exercise by them of their rights to participate in the Company management;
  • equal and fair opportunities to participate in the profits of the Company by receiving dividends;
  • reliable and efficient methods of recording shareholders rights in shares as well as the opportunity to dispose of such shares freely and without hindrance;
  • the shareholders have a right for regular and timely obtainment of full and reliable information in regard to the GV Gold business in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law “On the Joint Stock Companies”;
  • GV Gold exercises full control over the usage of confidential and insider information.